What is ART3?

ART3 is a trademark that acts as an ideas factory which is born from the determination of 3 friends whose love for the fine arts drove them to search for a way to use them. As a result, they took advantage of their experiences in areas like informatics, computer-aided design, manufacturing processes and product development.

In ART3 we work to offer products with high visual impact, fabricated with the best techniques based on the essence of each design. We especially want to create a link with our community, and that they have contact with different methods and styles for creating art.

For these reasons, we have the commitment to work with artists who want to share their creations with our community, developing products that anyone can afford, and taking home the experience of the art.

Challenges overcome

Since the beginning of ART3 we have explored different ways of creating a synergy between the artists and our team of engineers in order to ensure versatility in our products, but always respecting the artistic seal of each author. In doing so, we create products that are functional and accessible for art fans.

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